3T stands for "3 teams". The 3 teams in our company are the research and development team, the production team and the customer service team.

We cover the full process of kick scooter manufacturer with these 3 teams.

  • Because of the high product quality. To assure quality, we have set up our own quality control and assurance department to guarantee and further enhance the quality of our products.
  • Because of the low prices. Thanks to our diligent engineers and skilled factory workers, we can always work out with more cost efficient solutions.
  • Because of our responsibility. We set high standards in every part of the production process to ensure a stable and reliable supply chain. We perform inspection of raw materials, have strict quality control policies and systems in our workshops and monitor and evaluate efficiency to make sure that your orders are met in a timely manner.

Primitive scooters have been being hand-made in industrial urban areas for at least 100 years. One common homemade version is made by attaching roller skate wheel sets to a board with some kind of handle, usually an old box. You can lean to turn, or by a second board connected by a crude pivot. Such constructions are generally wooden, with 3-4 inch (75-100 mm) wheels with steel ball bearings.This 'model' generally makes loud noise, just like from a 'real' vehicle. An alternative construction consists of one steel clamp-on roller skate divided into front and rear parts and attached to a wood beam. (Wikipedia)

There are more than 100 different types of kick scooters in this world, making the kick scooter family very large. They can be divided into 3 categories (child, adult and professional) according to the users, or 2 categories (foldable and un-foldable) according to the design. Generally speaking, kick scooters for children and adults are foldable, while the professional scooters are un-foldable.

Children are an expanding group of passionate in kick scooter users. Due to their small size, foldable kick scooters have become popular in the past couple decades with juniors.

The 3-wheels lean-to-steer kick scooter is undoubtedly the most popular kind of scooter, and you will often find children and teenagers playing with them outdoors. The 3 wheels makes it easier to master a kick scooter and take a joy ride.

Apart from their recreational values, kick scooters make great vehicles for short-distance commutes. They are both environmentally friendly and friendly on your budget, making them an excellent option for adults as well as children.

When considering where to purchase your kick scooter, it is important to not only consider functions and designs, but also safety. At 3T, we have strict policies to guarantee the quality of all of our scooters.

Firstly, we only use good raw materials, including safe material 9P-free plastic and AI alloy. Secondly, in our factory, a kick scooter will go through both the internal and external product testing, to free it from any sharp edges and loose components.

As for the kind of scooter to choose, the age of the child is key. For children aged 3 to 5 years we recommend a kick scooter with at least have 3 wheels and made of light materials like plastic and Aluminum. These models offer great balance training and serve as a foundation for learning to ride a bike later on. Furthermore, children can ride it without the help of adults. For slightly older children between 6-7 years, we recommend a mini scooter. For children aged 6-9 years we recommend a height adjustable 2-wheel scooter.


A scooter should fit the users' height and foot size. The minimum scooter size for an adults is roughly 85cm (H) x 54cm (W) x 68cm (L).

Usually an adult scooter is larger and thicker than a child's scooter, allowing it bear the body weight of an adult and resist stronger pressure if crashed.

Depending on your needs, more functions can be added to the basic pattern. For example, some scooters even come with suitcase holders, ideal for business people and frequent travellers. Some scooters have adjustable heights, and some are foldable to save place.

Most adults prefer a scooter that has large wheels, adjustable height and that can be folded.

A pro Scooter (also known as Stunt scooter) allows the pro rider to do a variety of tricks, such as grind, bunnyhop, flip, superman grab. As the tool to accomplish these tricks and performances, a high quality scooter is essential.

As a scooter manufacturer, we recommend players buy a scooter with an aluminum deck as it is 1/3 lighter than steel. As most pro riders may be aware, all the components of their stunt scooters are made from CNC and have special treatments.

The t-bar is usually the most fragile part. Therefore we highly recommend a t-bar made from chromium-molybdenum steel as this special material absorbs shock particularly well. The scooter wheels are made of PU plastic with reaction injection moulding, which makes them more elastic and thus more durable.

Yes, they do. For example, all kick scooters must have 3C to sell in China, En71 and En14619 to sell in Euro, Astm F2264 and F963 to sell in America. Every manufacturer is required to comply with these requirements.

For more details, please refer to the "production flow" page.